Getting started with Direct Store Delivery


“When I think about where we were last year compared to where we are now, we’re just leaps and bounds ahead.  We’ve changed the way literally every job in our company is performed.  People are now more comfortable, they’re more confident, and for sure they are more efficient.  We’ve just come so far as a result […]

6 things to consider before investing in B2B mobile sales

Around 90% of Sage 100 companies mobilizing their sales force are changing from paper-based processes If you’ve been in the business world long enough to remember replacing manual accounting with software systems, then you’ll recall that the transition can be stressful. But if you keep certain things in mind you can avoid making avoidable mistakes, and […]

Work Order Creation in Sage X3

Improving Process and Inventory Control The work order is the record that communicates to the production team what product(s) need to be manufactured, what raw materials are going to be required to manufacture the product and through which work centers (labor, machine, subcontract) that the product needs to pass through in the manufacturing process. In […]

6 Ways B2B Mobile Sales Apps Help You Win

Better your ERP VAR business - offer mobile solutions

Ninety (90!) percent of the mobile sales automation projects we’ve done at xkzero are for companies replacing processes that have historically been manual and paper-based. Yes, many (most) small and mid-sized B2B manufacturers and distributors still rely on what are basically 1980s era sales tools – pre-printed order forms, product catalogs, fax machines, and a […]

Acumatica 2017 R2 New Version

Acumatica 2017 R2

Acumatica will soon release the latest greatest version of its cloud-enabled ERP software, Acumatica 2017 R2. It is jam-packed with new functionality and technology.  In addition to exciting user interface improvements, Acumatica has also created compelling new solutions and integrations with technologies like Bing, Salesforce, UPS World-ship, FexEx and Amazon.  This version remains in pre-release mode […]

B2B mobile sales – taking credit card payments

iSales 100, the original and leading B2B mobile sales person app for Sage 100 now supports credit card payments for customers using Sage Payment Services. Enabling credit card payments on iSales 100 is fast and hassle-free to setup. Sign up for Sage Payments through your Sage Business Partner Enable Sage Payments in your Sage 100 system Turn […]

The Local Opportunity With Amazon and Whole Foods

Amazon buys Whole Foods

Consumers, retail business analysts and grocery insiders are shaking in their boots with the news of Amazon’s planned $13 billion acquisition of Whole Foods.  Kroger executives are said to be hiding in a bunker.  Local businesses may be the biggest winners of all when this deal comes through. Maybe you’re not a Whole Foods shopper, […]

Setting Sage X3’s common & critical parameters

Sage X3 offers great flexibility and power through customization. An example of this flexibility is that Sage X3 allows many of its basic default settings to be changed, allowing users to tailor the defaults that best fit their business or industry. In fact, in its simplest installation, Sage X3 has over 900 standard general parameters […]

Visit xkzero at Sage Summit 2017

xkzero will be at Sage Summit in Atlanta on May 9-11, 2017. Visit us at booth #190 to see how we can help your company win vs your competition, regardless if you are an ERP user or reseller. Also see our recent article about how you can leverage Sage Summit to help your business succeed. If you are […]

Prepare to win at Sage Summit

Sage Summit 2017 (US – Atlanta) is right around the corner.  Whether you’ve been going to Sage conferences for years or if this is your first event, it’s a great opportunity to collaborate with the Sage community.  It’s a place where you can meet some great people, see some old friends and colleagues, and learn what new developments are coming […]