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We grew by 30% our first year with xkzero

"We grew our revenue by over 30% in our first year using xkzero and their technology.   Because of that growth we were able to hire 20 new sales reps.  Best of all, we didn't have to add a single new person in either customer service or in our warehouses to manage the new demands.  

Now we're turning to xkzero again, this time to help us launch our new Wine & Spirits distributorship.

xkzero Mobile Commerce is a new kind of system built for the data and technology-driven world we live in.  There's so much intelligence and the performance and reliability are both outstanding. We recommend that any company with mobile route sales or delivery needs talk with xkzero, especially if you use Sage or Acumatica."

DJ Romano, President - Power Distributing and Romano Beverage




Truck Loading and Unloading

Getting trucks in and out of the warehouse quickly and efficiently gets drivers on the street faster so they can see more customers.

Mobile Commerce provides many ways for you to pick and load your vehicles, manually or using bar code scanning.  Mobile Commerce even offers options for highly automated truck loading - increasing your velocity while assuring accuracy during inventory check out and check in.

  • Multi-company, multi-site, multi-warehouse scheduling and dispatch
  • Build and pick loads the way you want to work
    • By order
    • By pre-defined product mix
    • A hybrid of pre-orders plus extra inventory
    • Load based on historical average sales by day
  • Full inventory reconciliation by route fully integrated with your ERP warehouse and functions
    • Account for variances whether you empty your trucks nightly or reload based on what's needed versus what remains on the truck

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Route Management

Create efficient routes for reps to serve your customers according to their preferred schedule, allowing them to save time and you to conserve fuel in the process.

  • Define route schedules by customer location based on daily and weekly preferences for fixed schedules
  • Visual dispatch and mapping assistance for dynamic daily delivery routing
  • Flexibility to integrate with route optimization software services
  • Our mobile app will guide your rep to the next location based on scheduled stops or nearest by distance
  • Dynamically add stops and interactively inform drivers throughout the day
  • Visibility in customer service of delivery status and next planned stop by route

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Mobile Sales

Mobile Commerce provides the right experience for each mobile user whether you are a Pre-Sales rep, Route Sale / DSD driver, or Delivery rep who modifies deliveries on site.  

  • Pre-sales
  • Route sales
  • Delivery automated invoicing
  • Returns and credits
  • Product exchanges
  • Payment acceptance
  • Next day load request
  • Daily inventory and payment reconciliations 

Advanced features are available too

  • Repeating orders
  • PAR level ordering
  • Adhere to promotional pricing

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Delivery Automation

Fast, accurate delivery is only the start. Once you start using this system you won't believe you used to use paper and pencil.

  • Capture electronic signatures for proof of delivery.  
  • Modify delivered quantities and auto-create your invoices.
  • Leave your customer with an accurate printed invoice or let the back end system automate that for you.  
  • Collect payments from C.O.D. customers. 
  • Geo-coded transactions
  • Optionally capture photo proof-of-delivery

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Mobile Intelligence

Capture and view data critical to serving your customers better, maintain your fleet, and build more effective loads and routes.

  • Reporting and dashboards help you understand customer and product trends
  • Gather competitor intelligence with our easy to use and deploy survey app
  • Task assignment by rep and customer.  Ensure your team is following your company standards!
  • Bi-directional customer memos keep drivers and back office in synch
  • Push alert notifications keep reps up to date throughout the day
  • Merchandising displays - POP displays to make sure your product is being presented the way it should be.
  • Asset placement - you can define any type of intelligence you wish to gather.
  • GEO coded transactions and surveys ensure integrity  
  • Vehicle inspections and automated accident reports ensure compliance with minimal effort

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The power and flexibility of Mobile Commerce is a result of technologies we've created and others we've adapted in order to give you the most powerful, flexible, intelligent and reliable mobile sales and delivery solution for the mid-market.  Whether you have 5 vehicles or 100 or more, Mobile Commerce can scale  and grow with you.

Mobile app

  • Native iOS - Apple iPhone, iPad and iPad mini.  The most powerful and reliable devices for mobile business processing
  • Supports both AirPrint and Bluetooth printing options
  • On-the-fly sales tax support, including Avalara sales tax service when present in the ERP
  • Bar code scanning options
  • Credit card payment acceptance
  • Photo-enabled transactions and surveys with photo tagging too
  • Geo-aware transactions and surveys
  • Security permissions drives user interface experience

Management Console

  • Browser agnostic, web-based portal to manage things like drivers, routes, trucks, delivery schedules, display assets, container deposits, not otherwise managed in the ERP system
  • Provides reports and dashboards accessible on any desktop or mobile device
  • Document drag-and-drop sharing at Customer, Chain, Truck and User level publish quickly and easily to the mobile user
  • Create user defined tables and fields and optionally choose to publish those to the mobile user
  • Microsoft SQL database; Twitter Bootstrap, ASP.NET; editable HTML homescreen
  • ERP integration - RESTful Web API


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xkzero Mobile Commerce can empower any business that delivers product on their own trucks.

Food Distribution

  • Bakery Products
  • Ice Cream
  • Frozen Products
  • Grocery Wholesalers
  • Salty Snacks
  • Ethnic Foods

Beverage Distribution

  • Coffee and Water
  • Beer Distribution
  • Milk & Dairy
  • Wine & Spirits

Any Distributor With Their Own Fleet

  • Tobacco / Vape Products
  • Hard Goods like Furniture
  • Chemical and Industriial Supply
  • Oil & Gas (Petroleum) Products
  • Automotive Supply
  • Electrical Supply
  • Contractor Supply
  • Red Bull Distributors
  • BG Products Distributors

Engineered for World-Class ERP 

xkzero Mobile Commerce is built by mobile specialists who are certified developers and consultants for Sage X3, Sage 100, and Acumatica.

A Route Sales and Direct Store Delivery (DSD) solution from ERP experts ensures you the most complete and configurable integration with your back office and warehouse processes.  Our integration points include:

  • Customers
  • Warehouses
  • Items
  • Pricing
  • Inventory movements
  • Product lines
  • Units of measure
  • And much more

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