Mobile Business Intelligence


What is Mobile Business Intelligence?

Mobile Business Intelligence (also known as Mobile Intelligence or Mobile BI) is a system that leverages mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets to provide businesses with real-time and historical information related to their systems, processes, costs, inventory, and more for analysis. Some systems allow for gathering of data in the field, such as in-store inventory levels or merchandising information, which increases the depth of knowledge available to management over traditional systems & reporting.


Business Intelligence Challenges for Delivery & Route Sales

What intelligence challenges do delivery businesses face, and the how can they gain an advantage through Mobile BI.

Intelligence Challenges Facing Delivery Companies
  • No remote access to real-time or near-real-time information
  • Unable to secure data by user or role
  • Lack of flexibility in information format and delivery method
  • Inability to remotely enter new information on customer site
Benefits of Mobile Business Intelligence
  • Enhances daily pre-planning
  • Enables collaboration between driver and customer
  • Enhance communication to one or more drivers with push alerts

Mobile BI Capabilities in xkzero Mobile Commerce (XMC)

xkzero Mobile Commerce (XMC) includes Mobile Business Intelligence features at its core. Designed to leverage your ERP data in the field, XMC also allows you to GATHER intelligence from the field like nothing else.

  • On-demand mobile reporting based on virtually any ERP activity including mobile sales and delivery
  • Supports Crystal Reports and other popular reporting engines
  • Reports based on Assets, Chains, Customers, Items, Routes, Trucks and Users
  • Assign and secure data by User / Role
  • Email or print reports from the field as needed
  • Enhances daily pre-planning
  • Enables collaboration between driver and customer
Alerts and Push Notifications
  • Enhance communication to one or more drivers with push alerts
  • Automatic email notifications to customers or others confirming transaction details
  • Great way to communicate updates to daily plan
Document Sharing
  • Enhance communications with document sharing
  • Drag and drop file sharing
  • PDFs, Spreadsheets, Documents, Images
  • Ideal for Spec Sheets, HAZMAT info, Training Materials, Sell Sheets, Planograms and more
  • Assign and filter by Assets, Chains, Customers, Items, Routes, Trucks and Users
  • Fully user definable survey application
  • Ideal for merchandising, competitive intelligence gathering, customer profiling, vehicle compliance, accident reporting, asset servicing
  • Filter and secure by User, Role, Customer, Item, Route, etc.
  • Optional photo-enablement for survey answers
  • Define questions with answer types of virtually any nature
  • Survey start and end dates
  • Create mandatory or recurring surveys
Photos and Photo Tags
  • All transactions and surveys are optionally photo-enabled
  • Attach photos at time of truck loading and/or delivery
  • Great for merchandising activities
  • Define tag categories
  • Easy search of photo history including date and time stamps with geo-coding
Transaction Memos
  • Guided instructions and reminders for drivers
  • Perfect for ensuring desired workflow
  • Reinforces training for new drivers
  • Subject to Start and End date parameters
  • Define transaction types each memo applies too
  • Flexibly determine Transaction step order for memo to display
  • Filter to only those who need memos

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Sage 100 Proof of delivery add on module enhancement

xkzero Mobile Commerce is a customizable mobile platform that enhances and extends Sage 100. Securely and easily track deliveries, inventory, assets and your competition.

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xkzero Mobile Commerce (XMC) turns mobile processes into a business advantage. Its customizable and secure platform maximizes efficiency throughout your distribution process.

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xkzero Mobile Commerce (XMC) for Acumatica offers true cloud Enterprise Direct Store Delivery. All data and business processes are designed and maintained directly in Acumatica.

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