Trade Show Sales Automation


At xkzero we built our mobile sales app for Sage 100, with the trade show salesperson in mind. With a little bit of pre-planning and setup, you can create all new efficiencies for your trade shows, helping you win against the competition.

Here’s an example of how your business, ABC Distribution and Service Corp., plans to work an upcoming show.  

ABC plans to attend the Electronics Show 2018 in Atlanta. As is customary in your industry, sales will take place right from the trade show floor. Accordingly, you will take with you an assortment of products you plan to promote and sell at the show.

Ideally when you process sales at the show, you can accomplish the following:

  • Control your inventory all throughout the show

  • Record the sales in real-time

  • Add new customers and contacts on-the-fly

  • Follow item pricing by customer following your rules in Sage 100

  • Quickly add items to your order using bar code scanning

  • Take a credit card (using the Sage Payments Vault) or other form of payment

  • Capture customer signatures as proof of acceptance

  • Print or email a receipt

  • Have the transactions automatically recorded in Sage 100 without someone else having to rekey them

  • And later be able to report on completed sales activity so you can evaluate your performance at the show and plan inventory levels for next time

Now let's look at the setups in Sage 100 to make this happen.  







STEP 1: Setup a new warehouse code

This will serve to control all inventory movements before, during and after the show.

Inventory Management / Setup / Warehouse Code Maintenance

STEP 2: Transfer Inventory to Trade Show Warehouse

Identify items going to the show and create and update a Transfer Entry from the fulfilling warehouse into your new trade show warehouse

Inventory Management / Main / Transaction Entry








STEP 3: Setup iSales 100 rules - User Permissions

In this case, we’re going to setup a single user code for the Atlanta 2018 show

xkzero Web Services / Setup /Remote User Maintenance

  • User Tab
    • Create new user-ATL18 password-2018.
    • Company-SPS; Salesperson- 01HOUS
    • Require Synchronization- Daily
    • Allow Price Lookup-Yes






STEP 4: Setup iSales 100 - Customer permissions

xkzero Web Services / Setup /Remote User Maintenance

  • Customer Tab
    • Filter Customers
      • Include all customers
    • Sync Options
      • Customer Memos-Yes
      • Customer Last Purchase-Orders/Invoices-Yes
      • Month limit-only purchases made in last 24 months
      • Add New Customers on-the-fly-Yes
      • New Customer Default Tax Schedule-AVATAX
      • New Customer Terms Code-No Terms
      • New Customer Price Level-None
      • Allow Create New Contacts-Yes








STEP 5: Setup iSales 100 rules - Inventory permissions

xkzero Web Services / Setup /Remote User Maintenance

  • Items Tab
    • Item Types: Regular Items, Comments-Yes; Finished Goods-Yes
    • Alias Items, Customer Alias Items, Vendor Alias Items-Yes (for bar code scanning)
    • Inventory-Filter Warehouse Detail-Yes
      • Select Trade Show Warehouse 018 (so you can sell) and Main Warehouse 000 (so you can take orders or view product availability)






STEP 6: Setup iSales 100 rules - Transaction rules

xkzero Web Services / Setup /Remote User Maintenance

Transactions Tab

  • New Transactions: Orders, Invoices-Yes
    • Default Type-Invoice
    • Invoice Batch (E18)-This will separate the trade show invoices into their own SO Invoice Batch
    • Require Signature-Yes
    • Enable Live Calculation-Yes (for sales tax – this is a live calculation)
    • Allow Change Ship-to Address-Yes
    • Allow Change ShipVia-Yes
    • Allow Create Transaction Memo-Yes
  • Payments
    • Credit Card Sale, PreAuth-Yes (Required Sage Payment Services active on your Sage 100 system)
    • Require Full Payment-Yes
    • Auto Pay In Full-Yes
    • Default Transaction-Deposit/Sale
    • Allow Add Credit Card-Yes
    • New Card Payment Type-SPS






new trans




STEP 7: Start using iSales 100

Now you're ready to start booking sales right from your iPhone or iPad.  When you synchronize, your orders and invoices will automatically flow right into your Sage 100 system - no data entry required.

<<< Here's a brief demo! 




1. download from Apple Store  

2. login: xkzero password: easy  

3. start using it)