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xkzero specializes in Consumer Packaged Good manufacturing and wholesale distribution industries reliant on DSD (Direct Store Delivery) as a primary distribution method.  This includes various food and beverage, medical and safety, oil & gas and other industries using their own fleet of vehicles to sell or deliver products directly to the customer site.

We support world-class ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems for both Process and Discrete manufacturers and wholesalers.

Wholesale Coffee, Water, Tea

Commercial Wholesale Bakery

Energy Drink Distributors

Wholesale Food and Consumer Packaged Goods

Beverage Distribution

Beer Distribution

Medical Supplies and First Aid Kits

Petroleum and Petroleum Products

Automotive Lubricants and Maintenance Supplies

Tobacco and Vape Products

Any company using their own fleet to sell or deliver their goods to wholesale customers

ERP Projects - Process Manufacturing

ERP Projects - Discrete Manufacturing

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