Medical Supplies and First Aid Kits

Mobile excellence for your growing needs

Delivery and Mobile Sales
Electronic proof of delivery. Automated invoicing. Efficient and informed van route sales. Grow marketshare and increase sales revenue. Effective Kit management and servicing.
Customer Service
Perfect for scheduling and dispatch. Track driver activity. Serve customers better and experience the benefits of having unified DSD reps and back office personnel.
Optimize inventory and ensure timely replenishment. Reduce returns. Increase your margins with streamlined logistics, improved warehouse processes, and individual accountability.

"The transition to xkzero was completely seamless for our customers."

Ensuring that your customers the right products in just the right quantities - and in the correct location - every time

xkzero provides everything medical supplies and first aid kit providers need for successful automated delivery and route sales to your corporate and institutional accounts

Powered by the award-winning xkzero Mobile Commerce Platform

Delivering incredible ease of use, high performance, and unmatched flexibility

xkzero Mobile App Native iOS

Route sales, delivery orders, electronic proof of delivery, complete sales, take payments (including credit card, C.O.D., checks), handle returns and credits, gather intelligence

Management Console

Our web console is the heart of the Mobile Commerce Platform. Manage routes, dispatch drivers, maintain PAR and reorder levels, design surveys, create tasks, establish schedules, customize reports and intelligence

Sage 100 and X3 Integration

Best in class web service API ensures maximum flexibility and reliability with hands free, two way integration. Accelerates your supply chain, improves service, eliminates delays and ensures accuracy.

Are your safety inspections and surveys being completed to your liking? How much time do you spend manually entering invoices into Sage?

Is your return rate acceptable? Do you have product loss between warehouse, vehicle, and customer under control? If you're not happy with the current state of those aspects of your business, opportunity knocks.

Lets get started.

Contact us with questions or to set up a demo on how we can help you get the most from your wholesale distribution business.

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