Route Optimization


What is Route Optimization?

Route optimization helps businesses map the most cost-efficient routes for their delivery vehicles. Many factors need to be considered when calculating routes. Some of the main considerations include all required stop locations, the total number of stops, traffic conditions, and any time windows required for deliveries.


Route Optimization Challenges & Opportunities

Key challenges of route optimization, and some advantages that technology can provide.

A Route Optimization Solution: xkzero Mobile Commerce


Route Optimization Features in xkzero Mobile Commerce

Flexible route planning
  • Dispatch and sequence from multiple companies/warehouses
  • Optimize/sequence up to 125 stops per route
  • Define expected stop service times
  • Visual order dispatch display
  • Flexible start/end depot settings
  • Define break/meal intervals
Fast, easy to use mobile interface
  • Access to map and delivery order on mobile device
  • Update route optimization from the field
  • Driver only see customers, orders, and other key data assigned to them
  • Adjust deliveries as necessary on the spot
  • Push real time activity back to the office
Smart ERP-driven data and processes
  • Delivery addresses maintained in ERP system
  • Address validation during route planning ensures accurate delivery
  • Completed delivery automatically creates customer invoice in accounting system
  • Choice to view truck inventory as a warehouse in ERP
Enhanced truck loading
  • Optimize stop sequence, then create pick order for first in, last out
  • End of day reconciliation by vehicle for inventory and payment activity
  • Support for lot controlled and serialized inventory
  • Bar code scan enabled
  • Able to integrate with 3rd party WMS systems
Enhanced technology capabilities
  • Visibility to Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) and Estimated Time of Departure (ETD)
  • Utilizes historic and real time traffic feeds as inputs
  • Establish customer time window constraints
  • Geographic coverage to North America, the UK, and much of mainland Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, South America and portions of Africa
  • Mobile intelligence reporting and alerts

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Powerful, configurable, & certified pre-built ERP integration

xkzero integrations are built using fast, reliable, responsive web services.

Sage 100 Proof of delivery add on module enhancement

xkzero Mobile Commerce is a customizableĀ mobile platform that enhances and extends Sage 100. Securely and easily track deliveries, inventory, assets and your competition.

xkzero Mobile Commerce for Sage X3

xkzero Mobile Commerce (XMC) turns mobile processes into a business advantage. Its customizableĀ and secureĀ platform maximizes efficiency throughout your distribution process.

xkzero Mobile Commerce for Acumatica

xkzero Mobile Commerce (XMC) for Acumatica offers true cloud Enterprise Direct Store Delivery. All data and business processes are designed and maintained directly in Acumatica.

xkzero Mobile Commerce key functionality:

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