Download iSales 100

4 steps in less than 4 minutes


  1. Download iSales 100 from the app store on your iPad or iPhone (iOS 7-10).
  2. Launch iSales 100.
  3. Log in. (Username: xkzero, Password: easy)
  4. Sync data. Click the Sync icon at the bottom & choose "sync all".



Now that you have isales 100 installed and synced, just trust your instincts. We built iSales 100 to be so intuitive that you really don’t need training. Try it out–see if you can:

  • Lookup customers
  • Map a customer location
  • Create a Sales Order, Quote, Invoice, or Credit Memo
  • Discover more

We told you that was easy, right?

The demo you do yourself is just the beginning. Once you’ve played with it a little bit, we recommend that you call us. We’ll walk you through all the ways you can control the user experience by simply clicking a few buttons in your ERP system. Nothing to be afraid of here – it’s all natively built within Sage 100.

Already using Sage 100 for your accounting and ERP?

iSales 100 is a perfect mobile Sage 100 companion to help grow your business through any interactions your staff may have with customers when away from their computers–customers can even use the app to order directly from you! Have your mobile sales, trade show, showroom, and other customer facing employees download the free iSales 100 demo app today and see the excitement and ideas flow.

What makes iSales 100 so special?

iSales 100 was built for your sales and customer service team by award winning Sage 100 development experts. Not only can you try before you buy, but iSales 100 implementations are usually completed within a single days time, meaning your sales team is out closing new sales instantly. More about xkzero here.