Pre Sales


What is Pre Sales?

Pre Sales is a business model used by food and beverage industries that deliver directly to retail locations. Before a scheduled route delivery, a company's outside sales rep (aka ‚ÄėPre Sale‚Äô rep) visits customer sites in person. The rep assesses need and places a new order to be delivered on the next scheduled route visit. Pre Sale reps may also be responsible for other activities during store visits. These can include reviewing sales trends, merchandising, competitor analysis, and introducing new products.


Pre Sales Challenges and Opportunities

Challenges for businesses using Pre Sales, and ways that technology can be used to gain an advantage.


The Answer? xkzero Mobile Commerce (XMC)

Pre Sales processes involve very specific challenges for ERP users. xkzero Mobile Commerce meets these challenges head-on.


Our Pre Sales Feature Capabilities

Order Management
  • Mobile Pre Sales
  • Reorder Level Management
  • Repeating Orders
  • PAR Level Management
  • Service Orders
  • Customer Self-Service Portal
Merchandising / Other In-Store Activities
  • Review Sales Performance with Customer
  • Shelf Inventory Counts and PAR Management
  • Survey Competition
  • Survey Customer
  • Monitor Promotional Participation and Effectiveness
  • Complete Service Orders
  • Place, Pick-up, Schedule Assets and Equipment
  • Complete and Schedule Tasks
  • Daily Planning
Mobile Intelligence, Reporting and Compliance
  • Leverage full power of ERP
  • Deep understanding of customers, products, competitors, fleet
  • Better informed everyone
  • Single version of the truth
  • Smart transaction memos
  • Push notifications by user/role
  • User definable surveys
  • Document sharing
  • Photo enabled transactions and surveys
  • Customer portal capabilities
Fast, easy to use mobile interface
  • Driver only sees customers, orders, other key data assigned to them
  • Intuitive, clear interface allows for rapid processing
  • Adjust deliveries as necessary on the spot
  • Access memos, documents, surveys or tasks assigned by driver or role
  • Integrated customer data with Maps, Email, & Phone

Complete Delivery Distribution

xkzero Mobile Commerce not only integrates Pre Sales processes with your ERP, but ALL your key B2B Route Sales and Distribution Delivery processes.

Warehouse and Logistics
  • Route Planning and Optimization
  • Unified Processes from Pre Sale / Order Management / Delivery
  • Rapid Truck Loading and Unloading
  • Dispatch Delivery Orders
  • Define Standard Inventory Truck Loads
  • Inventory Check Out / Check In by Driver/Route
  • Reload Empty or Partially Full Vehicles
Flexible Route Planning and Truck Loading
  • Advanced planning - dispatch orders to available vehicles
  • Optional auto assignment of orders by pre-determined route
  • Dynamic or ad hoc route delivery order determination
  • Map view of planned and completed delivery status
  • End of day reconciliation by vehicle of inventory and payments collected
Electronic capture of valuable point of delivery information
  • Name and signature of receiver
  • Date and time stamp
  • Geo coordinates
Smart, ERP-driven data and processes
  • Completed delivery automatically creates Customer Invoice
  • Instant ERP visibility of name, signature, other key data attached to completed delivery
  • Choice to view truck inventory as warehouse in ERP
  • Require reason codes for modified deliveries or returns
Asset Equipment Management
  • Track and maintain all mobile loaner assets
  • Schedule and complete repairs, pickups, drop offs
  • Assign routine and complex tasks
  • Ensure procedural compliance
  • Reduce idle time
Enhanced technology capabilities
  • Bar code scan orders on/off the truck using built-in camera scanner or¬†bluetooth¬†options
  • Print or email delivery receipt from the field
  • Vehicle safety and maintenance compliance gathering
  • Manage mobile loaner assets/equipment left onsite with customers
  • Mobile intelligence reporting and alerts

Pre Sales done right

Fuel growth and profitability while making everyone's job easier with xkzero Mobile Commerce. Contact us today or find out more on the xkzero Mobile Commerce page.

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    Your Pre Sales processes built to seamlessly work with ERP. Flexible, powerful, configurable, and certified.

    xkzero integrations are built using fast, reliable, responsive web services.

    Sage 100 Proof of delivery add on module enhancement

    xkzero Mobile Commerce is a customizable mobile platform that enhances and extends Sage 100. Securely and easily track deliveries, inventory, assets and your competition.

    xkzero Mobile Commerce for Sage X3

    xkzero Mobile Commerce (XMC) turns mobile processes into a business advantage. Its customizable and secure platform maximizes efficiency throughout your distribution process.

    xkzero Mobile Commerce for Acumatica

    xkzero Mobile Commerce (XMC) for Acumatica offers a complete cloud based enterprise solution for Route Sales. All data and business processes are in one place, accessible anywhere.

    xkzero Mobile Commerce key functionality:

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