Sage X3 ERP System Refinement and Optimization Projects


Have Your ERP Goals Been Realized?

So much time and money is spent selecting then implementing ERP systems. Unfortunately, too often the goals and objectives of the new system are not met and the benefits are not realized. The reasons for these failures can vary widely, but often the cause is insufficient training, lack of support from management, misguided efforts to match legacy systems and processes, and very often – ERP implementation fatigue. Businesses lose their enthusiasm for spending time and money, and projects get deferred. Sound familiar?

 xkzero can help you change things for the better.




〉Reengineer, refine, and retrain

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We'll quickly help you evaluate whether the software settings are right for you, and we'll correct them where needed. Sometimes the smallest changes to the system can have the biggest impact.  You may also have new users in need of training - or experienced users who need a refresher.  We've got you covered.  

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〉Accelerate core business processes


Achieve the cohesive design you envisioned from the beginning.  We'll help you better integrate all of your business processes from purchasing to manufacturing, inventory, sales and delivery, customer service and financial management.


〉Discover missing business intelligence


Nothing connects employees, partners, suppliers and customers like having the intelligence you need when you need it.  Did your initial implementation fail to deliver the reports, alerts, surveys, and dashboards you had expected?  xkzero will help you make that right.


〉Unify your team and your data


An implementation that does not result in a clean set of data and a logical and effective approach to role and user maintenance will have you feeling frustrated and vulnerable.  Our system optimization projects will correct that, and put you back in control.


〉Extend Sage X3 all across your business

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ERP implementation fatigue usually means that some of the most valuable projects were left on the drawing board.  Are you ready to integrate your web shopping cart, enable delivery automation, mobilize your sales team, or barcode the warehouse?  We're ready, willing and more than able!



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