iSales 100 – Version Comparison


iSales 100 provides licensing options to satisfy pretty much any mobile sales automation need.  All exclusively for Sage 100.

Mobile sales map customersWhat if you could say into your phone "open iSales", then tap on the customer address for driving instructions.   You may never be late for an appointment again!

Packages start at $399 per month!

Enterprise Edition

The ultimate version for companies demanding high performance, high volume and precision handling of specialized requirements like serial and lot number tracking, payment processing (including credit cards), real time sales tax calculations, bar code scanning and so much more.  You’ll be the envy of the trade show.

Great for:

  • Taking credit card payments
  • Bar code scanning
  • Outside sales reps and sales managers
  • Trade show sales
  • Parts counters
  • Service counters
  • Special events
  • Service techs
  • Your customersMobile sales app capture signature

Business Edition

Ideal for companies who wish to leverage all of the intelligence of the Inquiry Edition,
but also plan to create new quotes and orders from the field in a personalized, professional  - and quick - manner.

We don’t think training millennials a sales process that involves a fax machine is a super smart idea.

Great for:

  • Outside sales reps and sales managers
  • Trade show sales
  • Parts counters
  • Service counters
  • Special events
  • Service techs
  • Your customers

Inquiry Edition

Perfect for companies who wish to provide sales reps, executives, customer service reps, warehouse personnel, and even end user customers with insights into vital Sage 100-housed customer and inventory item status, but do not need to process transactions.  How much will you miss calling back to the office? How about having to rifle through email, or texting your boss, during a critical juncture of your customer meeting.

Great for:

  • Business owners
  • Outside sales reps and sales managers
  • Customer service managers
  • Parts managers
  • Warehouse personnel
  • Controllers
  • Service techs
  • Your customers

Like we said, we've got you covered.

Core Features




Download iSales 100 from Apple Store

High performance xkzero Web Services

Data Management Module native to your Sage 100 system

Unlimited Device Licenses

Unlimited Mobile Users

Unlimited Companies

Unlimited Warehouses

Spanish Language enablement

Inventory Item image display

Supports all standard Item and Customer Pricing combinations

Hot Lists (aka Favorites)

Alerts badges for New customers, contacts and items

Private Label option available (5)

Mobile Intelligence




Customer Inquiry

Contact Inquiry

Item Inquiry (with Warehouse detail)

Open Sales Orders by Customer (with item detail)

Open Invoices by Customer (with item detail)

View Customer Memos

Customer / Item Last Purchase History

Email, Phone, Map and Calendar Integration

Display or Hide Inventory Quanities, Price, Costs

Easily control all permissions by User

Mobile Transactions




Enter Sales Orders

Enter Quotes

Add New Customers / Contacts on-the-fly

Signature Capture

Receipt Printing and Emailing (1)

Create New Sales Order Memos

Edit 'Bill to' and 'Ship to' address during transaction entry

Orverride 'Ship Via', Payment Terms, Unit of Measure during transaction

Enter Invoices

Enter Credit Memos

Process Payments (including Credit Cards) (3) (2)

Barcode scan items during transaction entry (2)

Reprint open invoices and orders (1)

Lot/serial number support

High speed data entry / multi-item select

Sales tax calculation (4)

Find out about pricing here.

(1) Printing requires a wifi enabled Air Print device
(2) An xkzero approved device from Infinite Peripherals is required for barcode scanning and credit card swipe
(3) Credit card payment acceptance requires Paya (formerly Sage Payment Services) or APS integrated with Sage 100.  See your Sage business partner for details
(4) Sales tax is a live calculation requiring an active internet connection.  iSales 100 also supports Avalara (aka Sage Sales Tax)
(5)Please inquire with xkzero if you would like to create your own private label iSales 100 branded with your company name and logo


Ready to schedule a personalized demo - or to purchase iSales 100?  Email or call 847-416-2009.



1. download from Apple Store  

2. login: xkzero password: easy  

3. start using it)



Unlimited Growth Potential

New revenue streams along with greatly reduced admin costs.  Imagine if anyone could become a salesperson for you, taking orders and driving revenue. Here's the good news.  You don't have to imagine anymore.


Better Informed Reps

No more catalogs and no more phone calls to the office.  And besides, the more confident the sales rep, the better she or he will perform in the field.


Better Customer Satisfaction

Your happy customer receives the product faster, and you get paid sooner.  For wholesale distribution, that's a sweet sound.

Mobile sales app capture signature

** Credit card payment acceptance requires Sage Payment Services integrated with Sage 100. Contact your Sage business partner for details.

If you've made it this far, why not contact us and let us know how we can help?