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All versions (Editions) of iSales 100 provide unmatched value in licensing and the true mobile productivity features you'd expect from an enterprise level mobile application.
ALL EDITIONS : Value & Productivity Features
  • Unlimited Device Licenses
  • Unlimited Mobile Users
  • Unlimited Companies
  • Unlimited Warehouses
  • Spanish Language Compatible
  • Email, Phone, Map and Calendar Integration
  • Display or Hide Inventory Quantities, Price, Costs
  • Control all permissions, by User, in Sage 100

Inquiry Edition

Tap into vital and practical customer contact info, item status in the warehouse, customer pricing and much more.

$499 / MO

Includes unlimited users

Initial setup fee: $750




  • Customer Inquiry
  • Contact Inquiry
  • Item Inquiry (with Warehouse detail)
  • Open Sales Orders by Customer (with item detail)
  • Open Invoices by Customer (with item detail)
  • View Customer Memos
  • Customer / Item Last Purchase History
  • Inventory Item Image Display
  • Hot Lists (favorites) for Customers, Contacts, Items
  • Alert Badges
  • Supports standard Item and Customer Pricing combinations

Business Edition

All the intelligence from Inquiry Edition, plus you can enter quotes and orders. Serve your customers anywhere.

$599 / MO

Includes unlimited users

Initial setup fee: $1,250



Includes Inquiry Edition and:

  • Enter Sales Orders
  • Enter Quotes
  • Add New Customers / Contacts on-the-fly
  • Signature Capture
  • Receipt Printing & Emailing 1
  • Create New Sales Order Memos
  • Mid-transaction over-rides
  • Reprint open invoices and orders
  • Lot/serial number support
  • High speed grid data entry

Enterprise Edition

Adds to all other editions' features for the ultimate sales machine. Take payments2, process invoices, allocate lots, serial numbers and much more.

$899 / MO

Includes unlimited users

Initial setup fee: $1,750



Includes Business Edition and:

  • Enter Invoices
  • Enter Credit Memos
  • Process Payments (incl. Credit Cards) 3, 2
  • Barcode scan items during transaction entry 2
  • Sales tax calculation 4
1 Printing requires a wifi enabled Air Print device. Contact xkzero for Bluetooth options.
2 An xkzero approved device from Infinite Peripherals is required for barcode scanning and credit card swipe. Also supports camera scan.
3 Credit card payment acceptance requires Paya (formerly Sage Payment Services) or APS integrated with Sage 100. See your Sage business partner for details.
4 Sales tax is a live calculation requiring an active internet connection.  iSales 100 also supports Avalara (aka Sage Sales Tax).


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An unlimited-time free trial of our mobile Sage 100 sales app is available on the App store. Our download page has simple instructions that'll get you up and running in a few minutes.

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    Q U O T E

    "No returns ever again! I've honestly gone two months without a single return! Nada RMAs! I double check my orders. I #ownit and hold myself #accountable for the accuracy of my orders."

    - Brooks Oldridge, Salon Sales Consultant/Brand Manager - Bassett Salon Solutions


    iSales 100 Editions

    iSales 100 provides licensing options to satisfy pretty much any mobile sales automation need.

    Inquiry Edition

    Look up. Need visibility but not transactions? Provide sales reps, executives, customer service reps, warehouse personnel, and even end user customers insight into vital Sage 100-housed customer and inventory item status.  How much will you miss calling back to the office? How about having to rifle through email, or texting your boss, during a critical juncture of your customer meeting. See features and pricing.

    Business Edition

    Quotes and Orders. Build on the functionality of the Inquiry Edition. If you need to reliably create new quotes and orders from the field–in a fast, personalized, and professional manner, this edition is for you. See features and pricing.

    Enterprise Edition

    The ultimate version for companies demanding high performance, high volume and precision handling of specialized requirements like serial and lot number tracking, payment processing (including credit cards), real time sales tax calculations, bar code scanning and so much more. See features and pricing.

    Unmatched Value

    Unlimited Growth Potential

    Unlimited users means that anyone can become a salesperson for you, creating new revenue streams while greatly reducing administrative costs.

    Predicable Costs

    No contracts required. A flat setup fee and consistent monthly payment based on your Edition provides you with an easy calculation of iSales 100's value.

    Confidence and Satisfaction

    With a reliable mobile ordering catalog in their hands, sales reps will have more confidence in the field. Customers will be happy to see orders being entered and products arriving faster. (You'll get paid faster too)