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Tutorial videos on the basic interface and use of Sage X3, learning the Sage X3 menu layout, how to set and view favorites, use dashboards, and more.


Logging into Sage X3

Learn the process of logging into and logging out of Sage X3.

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Browser Navigation in Sage X3

Features of the browser and how to navigate the browser within Sage X3.

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Menu Layout in Sage X3

Get an understanding of common interface elements and how to navigate Sage X3.

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Favorites in Sage X3

How to add and remove favorites (bookmarks) within the Sage X3 interface.

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Dashboards in Sage X3

An introduction to dashboards in Sage X3. Get an understanding of the different types of processes and views that can be set up and how to customize your own dashboard.

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Quick Select and Advanced Selection in Sage X3

Using Sage X3's powerful selection tools that help you quickly find the exact records you are looking for.

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Our free Sage X3 videos are provided as a courtesy. We do not provide ERP training as a separate service.

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