Mobile Commerce Delivery and Sales Platform (DSD and more)

Distribution technology for fast moving B2B brands

Is xkzero Mobile Commerce (XMC) for you?

Your business will greatly benefit from XMC if any of the following are true:

  • You deliver or sell your products using your own fleet of vehicles.
  • You're using paper forms, spreadsheets and too many manual processes for sales and delivery.
  • You're using outdated mobile technology with inflexible settings and expensive hardware.
  • Your staff is bogged down by unconnected or manual processes in separate systems.
  • You value the ability to connect your mobile delivery and sales data and activity with your ERP.

Overview of xkzero Mobile Commerce

The ERP-integrated Delivery Distribution & Mobile Sales Platform for when all your deliveries are "last mile logistics" deliveries.

"We wanted the best DSD system in the world to run our business, so we turned to xkzero and that's what we did."

- DJ Romano, President - Power Distributing and Romano Beverage


Need Mobile Sales But Not Delivery?

xkzero also offers an ideal mobile sales app for outside sales reps, show room floors, parts counters and more. Exclusively for Sage 100. Learn more about iSales 100.

Benefits of a complete delivery platform add up quickly.

Build your brand

Be top-of-mind with your customers through your insight and by completing in-store transactions quickly and conveniently.

Unify Processes

Unified ERP and delivery/sales processes reinforce your culture of quality and growth.

Benefit Everyone

Everyone automatically informs and assists each others' efficiency simply by doing their job.

Enable Growth

As your business grows and evolves, xkzero and XMC are right there with you.

Important Features

Warehouse Automation

Picking, loading, unloading, put away

Routing and Logistics

Optimize and plan routes, dispatch delivery orders

Route Accounting

Product and payment reconciliations by warehouse and driver

Mobile Intelligence

Daily sales planning, alerts, reports, dashboards


Credit card (Paya), C.O.D., check, on account

ERP Integration

Unbelievably flexible web services API, full posting control

Survey App

Merchandising, planograms, competitive intel, customer behaviors, vehicle compliance and safety

Assets and Equipment

Drop off, placement, pick up, repair, tracking

Education and training

Use XMC as a training and education hub. Share PDFs, Powerpoints, Word, Excel docs. Use surveys to build new product quizzes for your sales team. (they work!)

Tasks and smart memos

Assign critical and route tasks for your field reps. Use smart memos to guide transactional steps with remarkable precision.

Photo Tags

Photo enabled transactions and survey. Create your own tags too.

No-code customizations

Pass your ERP's custom data easily enabling personalized info requirements of any nature. Or create mobile-only attributes. No coding required.

Printing and emailing

Support for Apple Airprint and Bluetooth printing options. Email transaction receipts from mobile, or utilize standard Sage paperless functions


Install and maintained confidently in your own server environment or secure in a private cloud.

Scanning bar codes

Scan on and off the truck, even right to the customer shelves. Even Lot and Serialized items. Simply use the built in camera, or rugged sled options available.


xkzero Mobile Commerce users process $3 billion of sales and delivery transactions annually, through mobile apps seamlessly integrated with their ERP systems.


DSD for wholesale coffee water and tea

Coffee, water, tea

Direct Store Delivery (DSD) for grocery wholesalers

Grocery Wholesale

Software for commercial bakeries bakery

Commercial bakery

tobacco vape pharma distribution software

Tobacco and Vape

complete beverage distribution software

Beverage Distribution

beer distribution software DSD software

Beer Distribution

Food Distribution

  • Bakery Products
  • Ice Cream
  • Frozen Products
  • Grocery Wholesalers
  • Salty Snacks
  • Ethnic Foods

Beverage Distribution

  • Energy Drinks
  • Coffee and Water
  • Beer Distribution
  • Milk & Dairy
  • Wine & Spirits

Any Distributor With Their Own Fleet

  • Automotive Lubricants and Maintenance Supply
  • Tobacco / Vape Products
  • Hard Goods like Furniture
  • Chemical and Industrial Supply
  • Oil & Gas (Petroleum) Products
  • Automotive Parts Supply
  • Electrical Supply
  • Contractor Supply
  • Red Bull Distributors
  • BG Products Distributors

Fully leverage your ERP data and processes

Unify your entire team from delivery to sales, operations, logistics, accounting and compliance.

Forward-looking wholesalers who use xkzero Mobile Commerce for Acumatica get true cloud Enterprise Direct Store Delivery. All their data and business processes are integrated with their Acumatica system. What this means is there is a single version of the truth for everyone throughout the company, while adding new intuitive mobile tools the the native mobility of the Acumatica system.

The xkzero Mobile Commerce platform for Sage 100 features the same intuitive mobile application interface as its siblings. The web-based Management Console is the heart of the xkzero Mobile Commerce platform for Sage 100ā€“it provides purpose built functionality while securely and intelligently syncing the mobile app data with the Sage 100 system and vice versa.

xkzero Mobile Commerce (XMC) for Sage X3 builds on Sage's flagship ERP system with a versatile and intuitive back end management module and fast, intuitive mobile application. XMC for Sage X3 provides customizable purpose-built functionality to support your unique process, while securely and smartly syncing data with your Sage X3 system.

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