Acumatica will soon release the latest greatest version of its cloud-enabled ERP software, Acumatica 2017 R2. It is jam-packed with new functionality and technology.  In addition to exciting user interface improvements, Acumatica has also created compelling new solutions and integrations with technologies like Bing, Salesforce, UPS World-ship, FexEx and Amazon.  This version remains in pre-release mode so be aware that the final feature set for this release could differ.

Feature Areas

  • Usability
  • Project Accounting
  • Distribution
  • Financials
  • CRM
  • Field Service
  • Technology

Usability Improvements

  • Advanced user interface
  • Improved search
  • List entry points
  • Mobile UI enhancements
  • Pre-defined dashboards
  • Redesigned approval maps

Project Accounting

  • New budget structure
  • Commitment tracking
  • Reporting
  • Flexible billing workflow
  • Pro Forma Invoices
  • Simplified rate configuration


  • Historical transaction migration
  • Multi-level payment approvals
  • On-demand Statements
  • PCI Ready
  • Third party A/P payments
  • Vendor tax periods


  • Product class trees
  • Unit of measure pricing
  • Advanced drop-ships
  • Improved inventory allocation engine
  • Amazon integration
  • UPS World-ship and Fedex Ship-it Integration


  • Advanced marketing lists
  • Campaign management
  • Opportunity stage management
  • Real-time SalesForce sync

Field Service

  • Integrated Field Service
  • Advanced equipment tracking and Component warranties
  • Automated contract appointments
  • Appointment cloning
  • Multi-location contracts
  • Bing maps


  • Expanded web services end-points
  • OpenAPI 2.0 and Swagger standards
  • External applications and tokenized authentication
  • API optimization control
  • Push Notifications
  • Real-time GPS framework

Learn find out more about Acumatica and how it can help drive the growth and profitability of your company, contact xkzero at info@xkzero.com or call us at 847-416-2009.

Acumatica 2017 R2 Launch Events

Acumatica will be hosting a number of launch events celebrating the release of this new version.  Sign up to attend in a city near you.