In 2019 Sage launched Sage X3 Version 12. This included many improvements, especially to the user interface (UI). Consistently improving upon V12, Sage releases bi-annual updates and patches. One of xkzero’s top X3 developers provided highlights of the most recent release, 2023R2 (Patch 34):

  • Ability to add custom add-ons within GraphQL to either enhance or extend current GraphQL API packages.
  • Update of the Excel plug-in, simplifying the design and layout.
  • Improved performance on screen rendering of large datasets.
  • Support for ElasticSearch 8.
  • Improvements on the Runtime and Powershell interface, along with a new JSON parser allowing for direct GraphQL calls within the Sage X3 framework.
  • Improved memory management of cached scripts and data tables.
  • Automated Data Collection (ADC) Improvements:
    • Ability to assign unplanned material through the ADC.
    • Display of product image from the ITMMASTER table.
    • Improved UI and navigation.

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Or check out Sage’s Release Notes: 2023R2 (Patch 34)