Closing The Sales Gap

xkzero has been experiencing significant growth. In 2023, we increased year-over-year ERP software sales for the two brands we represent by 440% and 967% respectively. During a recent company meeting we discussed this as ‚Äúclosing the sales gap‚ÄĚ. This of course led to a good question, how exactly do you close the sales gap? As […]

Managing Sales Price Books in X3

An important component in the sales order fulfillment process is establishing the correct prices on all the sales documents that are sent out to customers (order acknowledgements, sales invoices, etc). When the sales price books are setup in the system it takes a lot of the work off the shoulders of the customer service personnel […]

What Ever Happened to the Paperless Office?

For decades, the ‚Äúpaperless office‚ÄĚ has been considered a holy grail of business efficiency. In the June 1975 edition of BusinessWeek magazine (paper-version), George E. Pake of Xerox Corp‚Äôs Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) envisioned a ‚Äúpaperless office‚ÄĚ of the future. According to George, “There is absolutely no question that there will be a revolution […]

B2B Mobile Survey Says

When I was a kid one of the game shows I enjoyed was Family Feud. In the show, the two feuding families would brainstorm the answers to silly trivia questions, and host Richard Dawson would reveal the answers by calling to the big board with the words “Survey Says!”.Mobile Surveys for B2BLeveraging B2B mobile surveys […]

Route and Van Sales Basics

Defining Route and Van SalesUnderstanding route and van sales basics is pretty…basic. Route sale drivers are simply sales reps who captain a mobile warehouse. The goal is to visit as many customers as they can during the course of a day, selling products directly off the truck to B2B customers.¬†You see them zipping all over […]

Reasons for Obtaining Proof of Delivery

For B2B manufacturers and wholesalers there are several reasons for obtaining proof of delivery.Consumer Pressure (aka Amazon)Obtaining proof of delivery is something you naturally expect when using FedEx or UPS, but it’s still not a given for mid-sized B2B wholesalers and manufacturers. Increasingly however, B2B companies who do their own delivery are feeling the pressure […]

Overview of the B2B Delivery Process

For most manufacturers or wholesalers reliant on their own fleet of vehicles to get products in the hands of B2B customers, the processes break down something like this.Pre-delivery processOrders are accumulatedDelivery routes are establishedInventory is pickedTrucks are loadedDriver checks out of the warehouseDelivery executionRoute is confirmed (or re-optimized) by the DriverDriver arrives onsite at the […]

5 Signs That You May Need A Direct Store Delivery System

Committing to Direct Store Delivery as a primary distribution method requires significant investment. ¬†The capital required to acquire a fleet of vehicles and hire a staff to manage all the processes means that small businesses may opt for traditional distribution. ¬†But as your product gains traction and you start to win more business, completing for […]

Prepare to win at Sage Summit

Sage Summit 2017 (US – Atlanta) is right around the corner. ¬†Whether¬†you’ve been going to Sage conferences¬†for years or if this is your first event, it’s a great opportunity to collaborate with the Sage community. ¬†It’s a place where you¬†can meet some great people,¬†see¬†some old friends and colleagues, and learn what new developments are coming […]