If You Haven’t Upgraded Your Sage X3 System Yet, Now is The Time

Recently, Sage X3 released 2024R1 (Patch 35) and 2023R2 (Patch 34). These two latest patches build upon the feature-rich release of Version 12. Patches 34 and 35 can help businesses like yours streamline customer management processes, boost productivity, increase efficiencies, and drive growth. Below are highlights of these exciting new releases:


  • Use of EAN codes to search of products in “Put away” and “Location reorder” functions (35).
  • Mobile Automation leverages native GraphQL API’s rather than legacy SOAP web services (35).
  • Improvement in the Miscellaneous Issue, Subcontractor Transfer and Intersite Transfer functions, with full stock line retrieval and population (34).
  • Inclusion of GS1 composite barcode scanning in stock change transactions (34).
  • New Stock change “By identifier” functionality (34).
  • Improvement in Purchase receipt function (34). 
  • Improved response times for stock view functions (Stock by site, Stock by location, Stock by LPN) (34).


  • New native GraphQL API supporting TypeScript-based development (35).
  • Extensibility framework is a new powerful, easy to use, GraphQL interoperability platform which allows customization of the new Mobile Automation Client (ADC) (35).
  • Node binding of functions to enable advanced customization and Operations functions within existing or new GraphQL mutations (35).
  • Ability to build and deploy custom TypeScript page extensions within Sage X3 (35).
  • Support of E-Invoicing framework using UBL file transfer according to Peppol (35).
  • Onboarding through the Sage Network (35). 
  • New North American specific Crystal reports and queries (35)
  • New North American specific SEI report packs (35)
  • Introduction support of E-Invoicing framework using UBL file transfer according to Peppol (34).


  • New properties for finite scheduler integration leveraging the new GraphQL API (34).
  • Increased employee ID field length (34).
  • Inclusion of product images in the Production Tracking and Material consumption views within the Mobile Automation Client (ADC) (34).
  • Improved UI renderings enhancing the user experience (34).