Are You Risking Version Lock?

Integrating Direct Store Delivery (DSD) data and processes with your ERP is essential for any business that plans to grow and scale. However, not every DSD/ERP integration is created equally. When choosing a new DSD solution, it‚Äôs important to avoid the ultimate pitfall of poorly integrated systems, and that is something called ‚ÄėVersion Lock‚Äô.Version lock […]

The face of customer service

For fast moving consumer packaged goods companies, Route Sale drivers are literally the face of customer service. Route Sale drivers (who may also be referred to as Van Sale Drivers, or Direct Store Delivery (DSD) drivers) are traveling sales reps making regularly scheduled visits to their customers, making sales right off the truck. The tools […]

How to automate truck loading

Eliminating the bottlenecks at the loading dock is just one of the ways you can benefit by automating truck loading with your ERP¬†system. ¬†This is especially important in Delivery Distribution operations.Start with the basicsEssential to effective truck loading for Delivery Distribution is the planning that is done prior to picking.Assignment of Orders to Routes. This […]

Sage 100 Mobile Credit Card Payment Processing with APS

Sage 100 now¬†can¬†securely¬†process¬†remote¬†credit card payments¬†through a mobile application for iOS.¬†¬†The solution provides a way to streamline the sales process and provide better customer services to any company that uses Sage 100 and has remote‚Äďor field-based,¬†showroom, or trade-show-based¬†sales reps. The¬†mobile Sage 100¬†Credit¬†Card payment solution is¬†delivered¬†through¬†the¬†mobile sales app¬†iSales¬†100 from¬†xkzero, and leverages¬†APS Payments‚Äô¬†secure payment processing integration for Sage […]

Upgrading GetX Search for Sage 100 to Version 2019

We treat upgrades for GetX as new installs. This is because the Index will need to be rebuilt. But, in addition to the steps for the re-indexing, you must ensure that the old indexing task has been turned off. Otherwise you will continue to index the old version. ** It is very important that all […]

Become an ERP mobile sales solution influencer

We think there are a lot of good reasons for you to become an influencer with your ERP clients for mobile sales app solutions. ¬†Sage now offers a 5 user mobile sales app at no additional cost to Sage 100cloud subscribers. With Sage X3 (Enterprise Management) virtually any process, including sales, can be optimized for […]

Quick Entry in iSales 100

A new feature – Quick Entry – has been added to iSales 100 Enter quantities in ‘grid view’ The Quick Entry feature allows for basically a ‘grid view’ for adding items to a transaction. ¬†This saves time going back and forth between the header and detail lines and can create a better experience for the […]

Camera Scanner for Barcodes with iSales 100

iSales 100 – Advanced Mobile Sales for Sage 100 – now supports the embedded camera scanner for barcodes. Fast, convenient and accurate This new feature will allow for convenient and accurate entry of items to mobile transactions. ¬†iSales 100 supports Regular Items as well as Alias Items for producing and scanning barcodes. ¬†Alias Item numbers […]

How Do You Ensure Planograms Are Being Followed?

The ongoing¬†battle for product placement. As a supplier, think of all the time you spend hashing out shelf space with your retail customers. ¬†Winning over their faith¬†to give you a couple more feet, or maybe an end cap. ¬†Rejoicing when you learn they’ll accept your large cooler for the summer season, allowing you to sell […]

In the store – winning with direct store delivery (DSD)

shopper finds stocked wine and spirits shelves

Proper execution of¬†direct store delivery (DSD) can really help your business¬†take off. By winning in the store,¬†capturing more shelf space, building customer loyalty and growing your local,¬†regional or national presence you can begin to distinguish yourself from the competition. Making the¬†commitment to becoming a DSD wholesale business as a means¬†to drive growth¬†is not a decision¬†you […]