The Ultimate Guide: iSales 100 Inquiry Edition

We hope you will find useful this one-stop resource – the ultimate guide to iSales 100 Inquiry Edition. Perfect for companies who wish to provide sales reps, executives, customer service reps, warehouse personnel, and even end user customers with insights into vital Sage 100-driven customer and inventory item status, but do not need to process […]

Decision Makers for Mobile Sales Automation

The traditional ERP and Accounting System buyer is not necessarily the Mobile Sales buyer. People in these roles (more akin to typical CRM buyers) are generally those who decide on mobile sales. Buyers Owners Presidents COOs / VP Ops / Operations managers Sales executives Sales managers Influencers Top sales reps Customer service managers Customer service […]

Business Use Cases for Mobile Sales

Generally any wholesale distributor or manufacturing company with outside sales reps, customer service personnel or executives are good candidates for mobile sales automation. Outside sales people may find themselves in any number of environments where working at a desktop computer is not feasible or even possible: Trade shows Show room floors Special events Parts counters […]

The Value Proposition of Mobile Sales

Are you really going to show your millennial sales team how to use a fax machine? Mobile sales automation educates, informs and unifies individuals and processes all throughout your company. The proper deployment of Mobile Sales will result in a healthy and speedy return on investment for companies, helping you win against the competition. Replacing […]

Video overview: iSales 100 Inquiry Edition

Watch the video and download your free trial today.  User ID: inquiry Password: xkzero We invite you to watch this 10 minute video to see for yourself the breadth of knowledge your team will be equipped with by using iSales 100 Inquiry Edition. Video overview – the power of iSales 100 Inquiry Edition iSales 100 is the most powerful […]

Enable Paya Credit Card Processing for Advanced Mobile Sales

Need to take a credit card from a customer?  With Sage 100 you can do this fast and easy from your iPhone or iPad with iSales 100 Advanced Mobile Sales for Sage 100.  You’ll need Paya (formerly Sage Payments running on your Sage 100 system.  Then simply set permissions for your mobile users and you […]

The New Look Mobile Sales for Sage 100

The newest version of iSales 100 – Advanced Mobile Sales for Sage 100 – available now!   We’re very excited about this new release and we think you will be too.  You’ll find that the new version contains powerful new features designed to give you and your sales team access to even more customer and inventory intelligence, and provide […]

Webinar: Direct Store Delivery for Sage 100

If your food or beverage wholesale operations are ready to tackle direct store delivery (DSD) automation, we invite you to join xkzero to learn how our solution, coupled with Sage 100, can provide you with a great 1-2 punch to help you grow sales, build brand loyalty and control costs.  April 6, 2018 at 11 […]

Direct Store Delivery Software for Sage 100?

Is There Direct Store Delivery Software Built Specifically for Sage 100? You bet there is. In fact, xkzero offers something no one else does.  We make software designed for wholesale distributors who use route sales or direct store delivery as a key part of their business success strategy. xkzero Mobile Commerce for Sage 100 is built for Sage 100 […]

6 Ways B2B Mobile Sales Apps Help You Win

Better your ERP VAR business - offer mobile solutions

Ninety (90!) percent of the mobile sales automation projects we’ve done at xkzero are for companies replacing processes that have historically been manual and paper-based. Yes, many (most) small and mid-sized B2B manufacturers and distributors still rely on what are basically 1980s era sales tools – pre-printed order forms, product catalogs, fax machines, and a […]