In the store – winning with direct store delivery (DSD)

shopper finds stocked wine and spirits shelves

Proper execution of¬†direct store delivery (DSD) can really help your business¬†take off. By winning in the store,¬†capturing more shelf space, building customer loyalty and growing your local,¬†regional or national presence you can begin to distinguish yourself from the competition. Making the¬†commitment to becoming a DSD wholesale business as a means¬†to drive growth¬†is not a decision¬†you […]

Enable Paya Credit Card Processing for Advanced Mobile Sales

Need to take a credit card from a customer? ¬†With Sage 100 you can do this fast and easy from your iPhone or iPad with iSales 100 Advanced Mobile Sales for Sage 100. ¬†You’ll need Paya (formerly Sage Payments running on your Sage 100 system. ¬†Then simply set permissions for your mobile users and you […]

6 Ways B2B Mobile Sales Apps Help You Win

Better your ERP VAR business - offer mobile solutions

Ninety (90!) percent of the mobile sales automation projects we’ve done at xkzero are for companies replacing processes that have historically been manual and paper-based. Yes, many (most) small and mid-sized B2B manufacturers and distributors still rely on what are basically 1980s era sales tools – pre-printed order forms, product catalogs, fax machines, and a […]

Introducing Mobile Sage Payment Services

Ready to take a credit card at your next trade show? Or maybe a check from a contractor at your parts counter?  What about your route sale customer who is C.O.D only? Coming next month, a payments game changer from xkzero.  Watch our website for more info!