Let’s Patch Your Sage X3

If You Haven’t Upgraded Your Sage X3 System Yet, Now is The Time Recently, Sage X3 released 2024R1 (Patch 35) and 2023R2 (Patch 34). These two latest patches build upon the feature-rich release of Version 12. Patches 34 and 35 can help businesses like yours streamline customer management processes, boost productivity, increase efficiencies, and drive growth. Below […]

Understanding the latest Sage X3 Update: 2023 R2 (Patch 34)

In 2019 Sage launched Sage X3 Version 12. This included many improvements, especially to the user interface (UI). Consistently improving upon V12, Sage releases bi-annual updates and patches. One of xkzero’s top X3 developers provided highlights of the most recent release, 2023R2 (Patch 34): Ability to add custom add-ons within GraphQL to either enhance or […]

Managing Sales Price Books in X3

An important component in the sales order fulfillment process is establishing the correct prices on all the sales documents that are sent out to customers (order acknowledgements, sales invoices, etc). When the sales price books are setup in the system it takes a lot of the work off the shoulders of the customer service personnel […]

Are You Risking Version Lock?

Integrating Direct Store Delivery (DSD) data and processes with your ERP is essential for any business that plans to grow and scale. However, not every DSD/ERP integration is created equally. When choosing a new DSD solution, it’s important to avoid the ultimate pitfall of poorly integrated systems, and that is something called ‘Version Lock’.Version lock […]

The face of customer service

For fast moving consumer packaged goods companies, Route Sale drivers are literally the face of customer service. Route Sale drivers (who may also be referred to as Van Sale Drivers, or Direct Store Delivery (DSD) drivers) are traveling sales reps making regularly scheduled visits to their customers, making sales right off the truck. The tools […]

How to automate truck loading

Eliminating the bottlenecks at the loading dock is just one of the ways you can benefit by automating truck loading with your ERP system.  This is especially important in Delivery Distribution operations.Start with the basicsEssential to effective truck loading for Delivery Distribution is the planning that is done prior to picking.Assignment of Orders to Routes. This […]

Closing the Fiscal Period & Fiscal Year in Sage X3

It is that special time of year again–the new year and year end for many businesses. Below is an outline of the steps required for period and year closing as well as period and year opening in Sage x3. The same steps will apply to all versions of the product. Please keep in mind that […]

Steps to Help Defend Your Business From Cyberattack

ERP systems–the systems central to many businesses’ operations–are becoming the prime target for cyber attackers. ERP systems contain a treasure trove of information from across the entire organization. From company financials and intellectual property to sensitive personnel and vendor information–everything. These bad actors are deploying a form of malware that provides quick returns–ransomware. Ransomware locks […]

New Sales Tax Rules for Cross-Border Canadian Sales

New sales tax legislation has gone into effect in Canada that will impact certain businesses outside of the country. Companies affected will need to register for Canada’s Goods and Services Tax (GST) and Harmonized Sales Tax (HST). Companies will need to comply if they sell $30,000 CAD or more in products or services to Canadian […]

What’s New in Sage X3 2021 R3

Sage is continually improving the capability of Sage X3 ERP.  The latest update–Version 2021 (12) R3–is now available. Sage X3 2021 R3 has a number of improvements. Categories that have had updates include Finance, Compliance, Distribution, Manufacturing, Project management, and more. To read high level information about some of these changes, download the 2021 R3 […]