Eliminating the bottlenecks at the loading dock is just one of the ways you can benefit by automating truck loading with your ERP system.  Fortunately xkzero Mobile Commerce was built with the kind of flexibility you’ll need to ensure you get the maximum cost savings and time efficiencies to improve your bottom line.

The key to success will be defining the processes that will work best for you.

Identifying products needed for the next day.

Will you be loading pre-existing orders already in Sales Order, or will you load a mix of products based on an estimate of what you’ll need?  Perhaps you’re situation calls for a hybrid approach – delivery of pre-existing orders plus additional product the driver / rep believes they may need the next day.

Determine how you will pick product.

Will you perform wave picking, then later load trucks based on staged inventory, or will you pick order-by-order, truck-by-truck?

Determine your cutoff.

Speed of delivery is a valuable currency.  What happens when orders come in after your typical cutoff for next day or same day delivery – do you have an effective means to communicate that with warehouse personnel and drivers?

Optimize your loads – and your routes.

A route sales person is likely leaving the warehouse with a pre-determined route and a fairly consistent load of products.  But for delivery-only drivers, the routes can vary greatly day-by-day.  It will be vitally important for the dispatcher to understand variables such as expected delivery time for the customer, visualization of the route and balance of loads across trucks.

Inventory control.

Obviously you’ll want accountability for inventory as it leaves the warehouse, but for some of you it only gets more complex from there.  Are you tracking lot numbers?  Do you ever transfer product from one truck to another?  How about pickups of returns or exchanges?  Do you empty your trucks each day and perform a physical inventory, or is your truck loaded based on the delta between yesterday’s remaining inventory and tomorrow’s demand? All of those costs and quantities need to be controlled properly for the sake you reliable ERP data.

The good news is this – if you commit to a modern and flexible system of truck loading and inventory control, you’ll be able to load more trucks faster, keep better control over your costs, and your customer service team will find themselves taking calls from happy customers wanting to order more from you.

To learn how xkzero Mobile Commerce can help you improve your distribution processes, or to schedule a demo to see how we integrate with Acumatica, Sage X3 or Sage 100, contact us at 847-416-2009 or email info@xkzero.com.