Eliminating the bottlenecks at the loading dock is just one of the ways you can benefit by automating truck loading with your ERP system.  This is especially important in Delivery Distribution operations.

Start with the basics

Essential to effective truck loading for Delivery Distribution is the planning that is done prior to picking.

  • Assignment of Orders to Routes. This can be done manually, or with Route Optimization automation, but the first thing that must be done is to understand what products (Orders) will go on which trucks (Routes).
  • Determine the Stop Order. Next, you need to determine the Stop Order. Again, this can be done using Route Optimization automation, or figured out manually.

Once Route assignments and Stop Orders have been determined, the Warehouse Management System (WMS) can take it from there. Taking advantage of advanced fulfillment features and capabilities will produce benefits such as optimizing distribution, increasing productivity, integration with inventory management, and ultimately improving the customer experience.


  • Go green and streamline warehouse operations with prioritized picking queues using paperless, directed picking from mobile devices or ruggedized mobile scanners.
  • Generate wave or batch pick lists based on the best path for each available picker.
  • Use barcodes to speed up the picking process.
  • Barcodes on pick lists prevent picking items not included in the order


  • Provide adequate package size and packing material to ensure safe transport.
  • Support barcodes and lot/serial numbers for accurate order completion.
  • Correct errors in amount, weight, items, etc.
  • Integrate with digital scales and printers to automatically weight and print labels and packing slips.


  • Stage and position products/pallets to the correct dock/truck location
  • Ensure prompt pickup by the driver to eliminate wait time.
  • Sign off by warehouse person/driver to ensure agreement on contents of load.
  • Have driver pick up the load on their handheld for an automated delivery process.

The good news

The good news is this - if you commit to a modern and flexible system of truck loading and inventory control, you'll be able to load more trucks faster, keep better control over your costs, and your customer service team will find themselves taking calls from happy customers wanting to order more from you.

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