The ongoing battle for product placement.

As a supplier, think of all the time you spend hashing out shelf space with your retail customers.  Winning over their faith to give you a couple more feet, or maybe an end cap.  Rejoicing when you learn they'll accept your large cooler for the summer season, allowing you to sell 30% more.

Creating effective planograms takes effort

Once you've secured your space, your next goal is to sell as much of your product as you can. Creating the optimal visual appeal, and keeping it that way, can be a great way to help maximize sales. Creating Planograms takes real effort, and money too. Money on consultants, staff, analysts, and data scientists.  All in the name of making your product look appealing on the shelves.  Hoping to catch the eye of a new buyer.  Those tortillas don't sell themselves - until of course they do.  The success you have from store to store is invariably linked to product placement, and ensuring that planograms are being followed is vital to that.

Mobile technology helps with planogram compliance

Once your retail customers have agreed to give you all this prime space, how do you know you're actually getting it?.  How do you know the promotion you have on the Zin is actually being promoted?   How do you know these efforts and commitments are actually happening each and every day?

The power of survey and task management software

The best way to ensure Planogram compliance is by using mobile surveys and tasks. An effective survey application will allow you to define unique questions for each store or chain on your route. You can gather information about your shelf location, as well as the facings of your competitors. Modern mobile survey applications will allow you to also take geo-coded photos to provide you with the visuals you need.

Furthermore, by using mobile task software, you can provide your merchandisers, pre-sale reps, DSD drivers with step-by-step instructions for how to setup, modify, or overhaul your shelf space based on current Planogram specifications.

Learn more about xkzero Mobile Commerce

xkzero Mobile Commerce (XMC) can help you understand  and master in-store activities like sales and inventory movement,  merchandising and promotional compliance. XMC is a comprehensive Direct Store Delivery platform designed to help build your brand, grow marketshare, control your costs, and empower your sales, logistics and accounting teams.

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