A long time support resource for Sage Software will soon be getting an update.

What is happening

The Sage Knowledgebase for Sage 500 (North America), also known as the Sage KB, will be migrating to a new platform. There is no concern of the Sage KB going away. Sage is committed to the knowledgebase as a key part of the online resources for ERP users and partners.

The new platform will provide an updated user experience, and unify the login process.

The most popular articles will migrate to the new platform, so you will be able to find and save your favorites. And to simplify access the new Sage KB, you’ll only need your existing Sage ID credentials.

One potential downside of the move affects registered user settings. Any personalizations that users have in the current SageKB will not move to the new platform.

Also, the current Sage Knowledgebase is available to anyone, with or without a login. Whether the contents of the new Sage KB will be available without a login remains unknown.

What you need to do

You don’t need to do anything to prepare for the move. When the migration is complete, the current Sage KB URL will automatically take you to the new site.

However, if you think any of your saved articles may be obscure, there is something you might consider. You may want to create a local archive of the articles’ contents. That way, you will have a reference if they get lost in migration.

Also, if you have a lot of existing (but popular) favorites, you may want to make note of them. Then, to recreate your favorites list in the new platform, you can search and save articles once it’s live.

More resources for Sage 500 (and other ERP)

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