Those responsible for revenue growth have the least access to your ERP

If you haven’t noticed, the people who are most responsible for growing new revenue for wholesalers and manufacturers – are often the people who are the least connected to the critical customer and inventory information they rely on so dearly to do their jobs successfully – we’re talking about the outside sales rep.

Once your automate the mobile sales rep, you’ll never go back

If you’ve been around the ERP and accounting software world since the 1990s (like we have) you’ll remember how transformative the experience was when businesses introduced PC network-based software for the first time. The value in replacing those previously paper-based manual process with software that instantly unified accounting with operations like purchasing, inventory management, payables, and receivables, was immediate, measurable and substantial.

Despite the pain and inconvenience that naturally comes with changing the way people work, these businesses all had one thing in common – none of them ever ditched the software to return to manual processes. That would have made no sense.

Operating systems, hardware, mobile networks, and apps are ready for primetime

Now that smart phone and tablet rule our daily lives, the hardware, the mobile operating systems – and the software solutions – are all ready for prime time – and able to create incredible value by connecting the outside salesperson with everyone else in your organization.

The ROI is immediately and easily realized

A smartly integrated mobile sales app will help you speed up your supply chain and reduce administrative burdens while helping you serve customers better. Another popular result is the increased revenue and profits that occur naturally.

Are you really going to tell the 25 year old they need to use the fax machine?

Lastly, mobile sales automation makes the experience of doing business with you better and more modern. And besides, are you really going to teach your millennial sales force how the fax machine works?