A Big Technology Gap That Needs Filling

When people ask me what xkzero Mobile Commerce does, I tell them that we fill a gap in technology for wholesalers who use their own vehicles as a primary means of delivery – or sales – directly to their b2b customers. It’s really quite that simple.

A Chance To Add Big Time Value

Most popular ERP systems for mid-market lose track of the inventory and orders once those trucks leave the warehouse. But if we solve that problem, there is a ton of benefit to the client.

What are the mobile processes the delivery driver does?

Activities Being Completed On The Road:

  • Obtaining Proof of Delivery
  • Completing Route Sales
  • Performing Direct Store Delivery (DSD)
  • Managing Assets and Equipment

Each of these processes involves multiple individuals, and requires multiple touch points with ERP system data and processes. We’ll drill into each of these further in subsequent communications.

Ask Distributors This One Simple Question

Meanwhile, as a reminder, if you’d like to help your clients and prospects with these extended wholesale distribution processes – getting started is super easy: just ask them if they use their own fleet of vehicles to deliver or sell their stuff directly to b2b customers.

If they say “yes”, then you are one step ahead of the competition. And xkzero can help you from there.