ERP handles product shipments just fine

Mid-market ERP systems have some great ways to handle product shipments for small parcel or LTL to deliver orders.

But what about for those who deliver products themselves?

But there is a very costly gap in mid-market ERP for a large number of wholesalers and manufacturers. Specifically, those who use their own fleet of vehicles to deliver and sell their products directly to B2B customers.

They are desperately trying to compete while using completely disconnected mobile processes. Their mobile delivery and sales processes are hugely reliant on ERP data and interdependent on other ERP processes. Yet the market has been woefully limited in providing ERP-integrated solutions for them.

Hence, there is a great opportunity for you. You see, software to help manage and integrate these deliveries and these route sales has enormous value to those businesses. And whether you know it or not, many of them spend good money for software to help automate this.

The Answer: Mobile Route Delivery software

What these companies need is a robust, mission-critical mobile solution. One that securely integrates their mobile processes and data with whatever the ERP system is. One that is flexible enough to adjust to their own unique processes.

xkzero Mobile Commerce (XMC) uniquely and elegantly serves the delivery and sales needs of these companies–AND seamlessly integrates these processes and data with Sage 100, Sage X3 and Acumatica.

If you participate in revolutionizing these mobile processes, the data sharing, and driver visibility for these companies, they’ll thank you for it mightily.

To find out more about how this solution benefits these businesses, visit the xkzero Mobile Commerce web page.