As a successful ERP reseller, you’ve built strong & lasting relationships with your clients. One of the foundations to establishing and maintaining strong relationships is to make sure that you are always adding value for your clients.

However, as clients grow, it can be difficult to continue to provide great value, especially if their needs migrate outside of your core strengths.

With the advent of the iPhone and iPad, ground breaking mobile business solutions became a very real prospect. And while apps have made almost every other part of our lives extremely convenient, the bottom line is that businesses are yearning for integrated mobile apps that truly transform their business processes, making them as easy as any other processes simplified by their smart phones.

Mobile ERP apps provide a powerful value opportunity

Many of your manufacturing and wholesale distribution clients can benefit greatly by using mobile applications that integrate with their ERP systems. It’s one of those rare opportunities to fundamentally change a client’s business for the better, taking your clients from “indifferent” or “pleased” to huge fans. Through a partnership with xkzero, you can offer your clients (and prospects) great, ongoing value and benefits through unmatched mobile processes optimization.

xkzero can help your ERP VAR business:

With the market for Mobile Commerce apps gaining momentum, here are some ways that xkzero can help you continue to add value for your clients.

  1. Be prepared for the B2B Mobile Commerce revolution
    Mobile business solutions are not new, but expectations for what mobile apps can do have skyrocketed. Have a plan in place for your VAR businesses’ future in providing value outside of–yet integrated with–ERP systems.
  2. Provide mobile expertise (without you needing to be the expert)
    Give your existing clients as well as new prospects information they need to make informed decisions when it comes to mobile business systems that can greatly impact their businesses.
  3. Have the solutions before clients go looking
    Proactively offer best-in-class mobile solution options to clients. Target ones who would most immediately benefit, before they start looking elsewhere. Note: If you aren’t known as a mobile expert with your clients, clients who want mobile options have probably started looking elsewhere.
  4. Dominate any niche client market
    If you specialize in any vertical industry that–or just have a good number of clients who–rely on wholesale distribution, route sales, Direct Store Delivery (DSD), or any “out-of-the-office, transaction-based” processes, you can take your reseller value level through the roof. Offering solutions specific to any niche will help you gain further traction in that industry.

For more information, read our xkzero Partner Program announcement or visit the xkzero Partner Program web page.