The xkzero Partner Program is designed to help ERP VAR resellers become an invaluable resource for their clients’ future success. A partnership with xkzero will allow your reseller or consulting practice to offer both expertise in – and solutions for – smartly integrated, easy-to-use mobile sales, route sales, and delivery solutions.

How your VAR business can benefit

What can your practice gain from partnering with xkzero? You’ll be able to:

  • Provide high value, furthering the trust and longevity of your ERP client relationships
  • Expand the reach of your technology influence
  • Win new business
  • Earn handsome and repeating commissions from xkzero

See some more ways ERP VAR businesses can get a boost from a partnership with xkzero.

Some of the features of the xkzero Partner Program include:

  • Referral fees
  • Free NFR internal use software (iSales 100 and GetX)
  • No-cost sales support, including opportunity qualification, discovery, and product demonstration
  • Education for sales and consulting teams

Who we serve

Great referrals to xkzero include any wholesale distributor of manufacturer using Acumatica, Sage 100, or Sage X3 looking to differentiate their business and their sales and delivery processes using mobile technology.

For wholesale distributors and manufacturers who have outgrown their existing ERP system and are ready to migrate to a new fully integrated ERP/back office solution with Route Sales / Direct Store Delivery, xkzero is a great destination.  Specific industry targets include:

  • Wholesale Distribution
  • Food & Beverage
  • Wine & Spirits Wholesale
  • Bakery
  • Energy Drinks
  • Oil & Gas Packaged
  • Industrial Supply
  • Hard Goods
  • Any distributor with a fleet of vehicles

For more details, visit the xkzero Partner Program page.

About xkzero’s mobile business expertise

Members of xkzero’s team have been developing popular mobile solutions for Sage 100 since it was under the name State of the Art. In 2009, using its extensive experience optimizing manufacturers’ and wholesale distributor’s remote processes, along with some new ideas that exceeded the possibilities on older mobile technology, xkzero launched their first iteration of a modern B2B Mobile Commerce app, iSales 100 (v1).

The results of that original inspiration (and continued hard work) have been transformational. xkzero now offers mature, flexible, and well integrated solutions that offer highly optimized processes for wholesale distribution, route sale, Direct Store Delivery (DSD), and any “out-of-the-office, transaction-based” companies. For more information about xkzero’s B2B Mobile Commerce apps, see iSales 100 (remote sales reps and customer ordering interface) and xkzero Mobile Commerce (intelligence-backed route planning, loading, delivery, route sales, and DSD).

xkzero’s suite of B2B Mobile Commerce applications have proven to profoundly and positively impact businesses’ process and bottom lines. Unlike previous mobile business solutions, they provide access, mobile productivity, and intelligence-gathering functionality never seen before in ERP-integrated native apps. Reps, drivers, marketers, and anyone you want outside the walls of your company can now complete actual business transactions – intuitively and quickly.