What Is Enterprise Direct Store Delivery?

“We believe the new standard of business management technology for companies reliant on Direct Store Delivery as a primary distribution method, is building all the DSD functionality and business rules natively into global, cloud-based ERP. We refer to the concept as ‘Enterprise DSD’ and we think it’s something the market will really respond and adapt […]

Become an ERP mobile sales solution influencer

We think there are a lot of good reasons for you to become an influencer with your ERP clients for mobile sales app solutions. ¬†Sage now offers a 5 user mobile sales app at no additional cost to Sage 100cloud subscribers. With Sage X3 (Enterprise Management) virtually any process, including sales, can be optimized for […]

5 Signs That You May Need A Direct Store Delivery System

Committing to Direct Store Delivery as a primary distribution method requires significant investment. ¬†The capital required to acquire a fleet of vehicles and hire a staff to manage all the processes means that small businesses may opt for traditional distribution. ¬†But as your product gains traction and you start to win more business, completing for […]

How Do You Ensure Planograms Are Being Followed?

The ongoing¬†battle for product placement. As a supplier, think of all the time you spend hashing out shelf space with your retail customers. ¬†Winning over their faith¬†to give you a couple more feet, or maybe an end cap. ¬†Rejoicing when you learn they’ll accept your large cooler for the summer season, allowing you to sell […]

Why Wholesale Distributors Obtain Electronic Proof of Delivery

Wholesalers and manufactures using their own trucks to make deliveries will often have their B2B customer sign for the delivery. ¬†Why do they do that? ¬†It turns out there can be a lot of value in doing so – especially when that process is automated and integrated with your ERP.¬†What do we mean by¬†proof of […]

Why Mobile Sales Automation Is Important

Those responsible for revenue growth have the least access to your ERP If you haven‚Äôt noticed, the people who are most responsible for growing new revenue for wholesalers and manufacturers ‚Äď are often the people who are the least connected to the critical customer and inventory information they rely on so dearly to do their […]

Direct Store Delivery Software for Sage 100?

Is There Direct Store Delivery Software Built Specifically for Sage 100? You bet there is. In fact, xkzero offers something no one else does. ¬†We make¬†software designed¬†for wholesale distributors who use¬†route sales or direct store delivery as a key¬†part of their business success strategy. xkzero Mobile Commerce for Sage 100 is built for Sage 100 […]

19 New Vertical Industries for Acumatica

xkzero is now making available technology to help Acumatica partners win deals in up to¬†19 new vertical markets.Food distribution¬†Beverage distribution¬†Other distributionBakery¬†ProductsIce creamFrozen¬†ProductsGrocery wholesalersSalty SnacksEthnic FoodsCoffee and waterBeer DistributionEnergy DrinksMilk & DairyWine & SpiritsRed Bull DistributorsTobacco / Vape ProductsChemical / Industrial SupplyOil & Gas (petrol) ProductsAutomotive SupplyElectrical SupplyBuilding MaterialsBG Product DistributorsWhat these industries all have in […]

xkzero Launches Mobile Commerce for Acumatica

Modern direct store delivery (DSD) and route sales solution provider xkzero today announced the general availability of xkzero Mobile Commerce for Acumatica Cloud ERP. Mobile Commerce is an exciting and new technology platform designed to handle the unique demands of wholesale distributors and manufacturers who deliver and sell their products using their own fleet of […]

6 things to consider before investing in B2B mobile sales

Around¬†90% of Sage 100 companies mobilizing their sales force are changing from paper-based processes If you‚Äôve been in the business world long enough to remember replacing manual accounting with software systems, then you‚Äôll recall that the transition can be stressful. But if you keep certain things in mind you can avoid making avoidable mistakes, and […]