ERP Consultants Do This To Influence Mobile Sales

Equipping an outside sales force with mobile smart phone and tablet powered by ERP (enterprise resource system) information can have a measurable impact on top line sales and bottom line profits.  But if you are going to help them, you need to start a dialog with the right people within their organization.

Leverage Your ERP Expertise

Because of your expertise as an ERP VAR/consultant, you happen to be in a very unique position to influence the technology choices your clients make. ERP-driven mobile sales apps integrate with customers, items and warehouses and need to take into account pricing rules, sales tax, product availability, and so on – all of which makes you very qualified to help guide them.

Sure, You Can Talk With Your Regular Contacts

But here’s the catch. Most of us ERP / accounting software professionals build our relationships and our spheres of influence primarily around back office personnel. If you look through your in-house CRM system I’m going to bet that your contacts have titles like: Controller; Accounting Manager; Accounts Payable Clerk; Customer Service Manager. There’s nothing wrong with that, however, those are not going to be the people who will influence the purchase of mobile technology for the outside sales team.

But You Should Really Talk With These People

The people you need to be talking to first and foremost are those who will benefit most directly. If you happen to also sell CRM systems, this group of users will already be familiar to you. They have job descriptions such as:

  • Sales Manager
  • VP of Sales
  • Account Executive
  • Marketing Director
  • VP of Marketing

In addition to that – these folks will also be involved in the selection of mobile sales:

  • Operations Manager
  • General Manager
  • Chief Operating Office
  • And yes, sometimes the Controllers and CFOs are involved too

Start a conversation with these people and your circle of influence for shaping the technology future for your clients will expand greatly. And here’s the thing – if you can satisfy the sales team at your client in addition to the relationships you’ve already built in the back office – the loyalty they will have to you will only grow.

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