xkzero is pleased to present you with our new and free Sage Enterprise Management (formerly Sage X3) training videos.

The videos are based on the popular X3 training video series created by xkzero Senior Consultant Kevin Coulter. Mr. Coulter’s training videos have garnered over 100,000 views on YouTube.

83 videos to choose from!

You can find all 83 videos here:  https://www.xkzero.com/sage-x3-training-videos/ 

Mark Rastovac, Director of Enterprise Business Solutions for xkzero, said that the reason for publishing the video series now is because of the overwhelming need for Sage Enterprise Management end users to have easy access to understanding the system basics. “Successful implementations and even adequate user adoption continue to be elusive in the ERP world. As such, the failure rate for ERP systems implementations remains unacceptably high”, said Mr. Rastovac, “and unfortunately that’s the case with Sage Enterprise Management projects too.

One of the common reasons for failure is insufficient training. We’d like to close that gap. Our videos are categorized by functional area – Navigation, Development, Common Data, Financials, Distribution, Manufacturing, as well as Industry Specific Demos and Business Management Basics. It’s a very comprehensive set of training videos. Some are as short as a few minutes and others 15 to 20 minutes in length. Kevin does a great job keeping the videos brief, clear and concise”.

Mr. Coulter created his first training videos about six years ago. “I had clients who asked me to help them better understand some very specific tasks. Some of the requests were simple and others more complex. As time went on, I realized that creating videos was a great way to transfer knowledge to our end users. They seem to love knowing that the videos are always there for them to turn back to when they need a refresher”, continued Coulter. Mr. Coulter says that the most watched video to date is ‘Work Order Creation in Sage X3’. “That video recently eclipsed 10,000 unique views. That just blows me away. I never realized these would be so popular”.

We’re ready to make even more!

If there are other videos you’d like to see, please let us know and we’ll try our best to make them for you!