xkzero introduced Mobile Commerce the summer of 2014 to serve B2B distributors and manufacturers who have their own fleet of trucks.   Our focus is on those requiring order delivery automation or route selling or both. In our judgment the market is filled with direct store delivery (commonly referred to as ‘DSD’) software that is substandard in terms of 1) technology 2) functional capability and 3) ERP integration. Mobile Commerce is designed to provide the market a superior choice in all three of those areas.

Who we serve:

Our clients are market-leading brands – some new on the scene, some are companies who’ve been around for 100 years or more. What they all have in common is a belief and a commitment to win against the competition by deploying the best technology they can find. These companies also realize that deep and comprehensive integration of the DSD system with the ERP is how these systems really start to generate power.

By working with some of the most successful independent food and beverage brands (and numerous other industries too) we understand that needs change over time.  You don’t want to be beholden to expensive custom programming to solve every new challenge. That’s why we built xkzero Mobile Commerce with the flexibility you’ll need as your business evolves, with the dependability your sales team expects, and with the power to drive growth for your future success.

Are you an industry where DSD systems are the standard? Have your outgrown Quickbooks and looking to take your business to the next level with a world class ERP like Sage X3, Acumatica, or Sage 100?

We’d love to hear from you.  847-416-2009 or info@xkzero.com