Lately, it seems like news about AI (Artificial Intelligence) is everywhere. From romantic outbursts by Bing’s AI search engine, to strange AI artwork on Instagram, to stories of graduate students using ChatGPT to write term papers. In almost all areas of popular culture and business, AI has jumped into the public’s awareness like never before.

Admittedly, my understanding of AI is rudimentary. During a recent gathering, the subject of AI came up and I asked, “How does AI logic work?” A well-informed guest described the complexity of neural networks, and I realized I need to learn more about Artificial Intelligence. That is, before we are forced to scorch the sky. So I decided to jump into the AI pool, albeit the shallow end. I signed-up for OpenAI’s ChatGPT to see how AI collects and generates content on a specific subject.

Our company, xkzero, offers a powerful technology platform called XMC (xkzero mobile commerce) which integrates with Sage and Acumatica ERPs. XMC is engineered specifically for DSD and route-sale companies. That is, companies who deliver directly to their customers with their own fleets of vehicles. DSD isn’t a widely known term outside the industry so I was curious if ChatGPT would recognize the term and offer meaningful insights. Since ChatGPT is structured as a chat, I simply asked “it” “What types of technology will improve direct store delivery”. I must admit ChatGPT’ answer was impressive and accurate with regard to our solution.

It’s not clear how AI will ultimately fit into our everyday lives. AI has properties that will increase speed, accuracy, and productivity in many areas. More significantly though, advanced AI is designed to think for itself. We’re still in early days but it seems likely that Artificial Intelligence will transform tomorrow in much the same way as the Internet, IoT, social media, and smart phones have already profoundly shaped the world of today.

For more information on ChatGPT visit OpenAI here: https://openai.com/blog/chatgpt