What Is Enterprise Direct Store Delivery?

“We believe the new standard of business management technology for companies reliant on Direct Store Delivery as a primary distribution method, is building all the DSD functionality and business rules natively into global, cloud-based ERP. We refer to the concept as ‘Enterprise DSD’ and we think it’s something the market will really respond and adapt […]

Upgrading GetX Search for Sage 100 to Version 2019

We treat upgrades for GetX as new installs. This is because the Index will need to be rebuilt. But, in addition to the steps for the re-indexing, you must ensure that the old indexing task has been turned off. Otherwise you will continue to index the old version. ** It is very important that all […]

Quick Entry in iSales 100

A new feature – Quick Entry – has been added to iSales 100 Enter quantities in ‘grid view’ The Quick Entry feature allows for basically a ‘grid view’ for adding items to a transaction.  This saves time going back and forth between the header and detail lines and can create a better experience for the […]

Camera Scanner for Barcodes with iSales 100

iSales 100 – Advanced Mobile Sales for Sage 100 – now supports the embedded camera scanner for barcodes. Fast, convenient and accurate This new feature will allow for convenient and accurate entry of items to mobile transactions.  iSales 100 supports Regular Items as well as Alias Items for producing and scanning barcodes.  Alias Item numbers […]

Free Sage X3 Training Videos

xkzero is pleased to present you with our new and free Sage Enterprise Management (formerly Sage X3) training videos. The videos are based on the popular X3 training video series created by xkzero Senior Consultant Kevin Coulter. Mr. Coulter’s training videos have garnered over 100,000 views on YouTube. 83 videos to choose from! You can find all 83 […]

Video overview: iSales 100 Business Edition

Watch the video and download your free trial today.  User ID: business Password: xkzero We invite you to watch this 10 minute video to see for yourself the breadth of knowledge your team will be equipped with by using iSales 100 Business Edition. Video overview – the power of iSales 100 Business Edition iSales 100 is the most powerful and flexible […]

The Ultimate Guide: iSales 100 Business Edition

We hope you will find useful this one-stop resource – the ultimate guide to iSales 100 Business Edition. Ideal for companies who wish to leverage all of the intelligence of the Inquiry Edition, but also plan to create new quotes and orders from the field in a personalized, professional  – and quick – manner. Besides – you’re not […]

The Ultimate Guide: iSales 100 Inquiry Edition

We hope you will find useful this one-stop resource – the ultimate guide to iSales 100 Inquiry Edition. Perfect for companies who wish to provide sales reps, executives, customer service reps, warehouse personnel, and even end user customers with insights into vital Sage 100-driven customer and inventory item status, but do not need to process […]

Decision Makers for Mobile Sales Automation

The traditional ERP and Accounting System buyer is not necessarily the Mobile Sales buyer. People in these roles (more akin to typical CRM buyers) are generally those who decide on mobile sales. Buyers Owners Presidents COOs / VP Ops / Operations managers Sales executives Sales managers Influencers Top sales reps Customer service managers Customer service […]

Business Use Cases for Mobile Sales

Generally any wholesale distributor or manufacturing company with outside sales reps, customer service personnel or executives are good candidates for mobile sales automation. Outside sales people may find themselves in any number of environments where working at a desktop computer is not feasible or even possible: Trade shows Show room floors Special events Parts counters […]